Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween & Horrible Parents

It's official! Finn and Belle are going to be Princess Leia and Master Yoda for Halloween (yes, I know Luke and Leia would be more fitting . . . but the Yoda costume was too good to pass up). I've also broken my dear Grandma's heart by not making them something cute like a pumpkin (again, the Yoda costume was just too funny . . . sorry Grandma).

As new parents of adorable twins (of course I'm bias), we just HAD to get professional photos documenting their first Halloween costumes. We signed the babies up for a special fall photo session with our new favorite photographer Katie Matthews (worth all 3,000 pennies).

This time our buddies Max & Ollie joined in on the fun (and stole the show with their matching sumo wrestler costumes). I, on the other hand, picked outfits more appropriate for a slumber party in Canada than the likes of a steamy fall day along the coast of North Carolina.

Belle & Finn spent most of the photo shoot in blatant protest of their wardrobe choices (rookie mom mistake # I've-lost-count). By the end of the session (aka baby torture) I felt certain the photographer captured a whole bunch of nothing. Turns out I was wrong. Here are some of our favorite shots:

the calm before the storm

sweet little princess stuck in a basket full of pumpkins (just for you Grandma)

Oh Finn, quit being so dramatic.

The beginning of the photo session,
shortly before they understand what was happening

The makings of a really cool band (yes, still fixated on Belle & Finn starting a cool indie rock band . . . isn't the point of having kids a way for parent's to live out their unfulfilled teenage fantasies?)

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