Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8 Months Update

Finn is working on his 3rd ear infection.  He spent all of February and most of March on some kind of antibiotic.  If this last infection doesn't clear, or he gets another one in the next week or two, then we'll see an ear, nose, throat doctor about tubes.  

He still sees a physical therapist for his torticollis (but would like all the single ladies to know it's nothing serious), nothing major to report on this front.  He prefers to drag himself across the floor with his left arm, instead of alternating arms.  He likes to push up onto all fours and rock back and forth, but has yet to do anything spectacular with this motion (got bored video taping the potential 'first crawl').

As a man of leisure, Finn enjoys three naps a day.  He weighs over 17 lbs., likes grabbing hair, shares finger food with dogs, giggles at the sun and crawls over his sister when she's in a bad mood.  

Mirabelle can push herself into a seated position and employs this trick often, especially during diaper changes.  

As I predicted, she cut her first tooth two weeks ago with the dignity and grace of a true Lady.  Mommy has yet to photograph this new gem (no fault of her own), apparently Lady Belle's tongue is extremely infatuated with this new neighbor. While the blind use their sense of touch to see the world, Mirabelle prefers to use her sense of taste.  Her tongue must touch everything.  

Mirabelle loves her brother (from afar).  She enjoys bath time, loves the park (especially the grass, more specially the taste of grass), and enjoys talking to her brother, the dogs, or herself (she's not picky).


Zoo Keeper said...

Love that floppy lady hat!! Good start for great skin later on! (insert applause for mom here.)

I feel bad for the little guy. Ear infections are the worst! I hope it all clears up soon!

Shannon said...

absolutely love the photos! Finn has such an adorable smile and Mirabelle is so Mirabelle! Love and miss you all!