Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Table Manners

My dear sweet twin mommy friend decided to brag about her babies today.  Apparently her boys can eat their breakfast from a plate without turning it into a frisbee.  Not to be overshadowed, I decided to break out the 'fine china'.

Hopefully there's open enrollment at Lily's School of Table Manners & Other Refinements.  Here's what she'll have to work with:

Finn thinks Sporks are for Dorks

Belle believes all table items should be edible, 
it's environmentally sound and good for delicate hands (less dishes to wash).


Lily said...

haha its a work in progress. cool plates though!

Shannon said...

Don't you love how those expensive suction cupped plates actually don't stick to high chair trays (let alone anything else!). Money wasted! But adorable photos!