Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When it's too cold outside for a walk in the park, we head to my favorite place in the entire world, my second home--the Mall.  Apparently I'm not the only one ready for Spring and warmer weather, so is the fashion industry. Of course, when it's forecasted to snow at the beach a 20% discount is not enough incentive to buy a new swimsuit (maybe 40% . . . wait, this is a swimsuit . . . let's try an additional 75% from an already reduced price).

Anyway, who's kidding who?  We don't shop for big kid clothing anymore, it's all about the babies.  With Easter coming, it's time to start planning their outfits.  Will Finn wear a tie, will Belle wear a bow?  Seriously, who cares the Earth's axis has shifted when these issues are still unresolved.

Here's Belle trying out a head bow:

Sneaky Mommy snapped a photo before Lady Belle could process the satin head assault. 

Lady Belle takes a taste test.  When she formulates words we'll let you know what she thinks about the bow.


Zoo Keeper said...

Oh, that is TOO cute!!!

Amanda said...