Monday, March 8, 2010

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know . . .

Because he moved me to the beach, gave me two sweet dumplings and created the best beach weather EVER today!

For the first time in months we had a break from winter with a perfectly sunny, slightly breezy, warm (but not too hot), bee-U-tee-ful day.  Clearly the type of day that makes me feel like declaring my religion (Dear God, I'd like more of these days . . . lots and lots more, please and thank you).

Why is today so important?  Because while I was incubating 'die Kinder' (Google Translate), selling and buying a house, preparing for 'die Kinder', on the brink of disowning said 'Kinder' the only thing that kept me remotely sane was the fantasy of endless summer days spent at the beach watching Finn & Belle make sand castles.

Of course, I'm only slightly naive.  I'm sure these 'endless summer days' will revolve more around attempted sand eating contests, followed by repeated 'Finn!  No!' and 'Mirabelle, it's okay.' -- coupled with hours spent packing and unpacking the car for only 30 minutes of quality beach time before someone self-destructs (odds favor Mommy).   Regardless, we will make the most of this wonderful weather.  

Finn & Belle already approve of this clever plan.  Today we went to the beach, sat on a blanket and enjoyed the view (clarify:  Mommy & Belle enjoyed the view, Finn enjoyed fists full of sand).  Actually, Belle enjoyed the view as Mommy pondered the odds of a tsunami sweeping through the area and how best to survive one (time to stop watching the news).

Here's a picture of our beautiful day (and proof that I'm not making this crap up):

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Zoo Keeper said...

very nice!! actually your day looks like my day yesterday and today. Except here it's only mid 40's. Balmy for us but I'm sure your day was better!!