Thursday, March 25, 2010

All According To Plan

Today was a perfect day--the kind you dream about and only hope to obtain.  For starters, we drove to the outlet mall with Lily and her twins [insert eternal sunshine and angels singing].

The babies were perfect (3 out of 4 is considered perfect).  After terrorizing some innocent pansies (no, not shoppers, the actual flowers), we had lunch and then continued our Goodwill Tour with a rendezvous at Barnes & Nobles with 'Aunt Sarah'.

Dear Tanger Outlet Gardeners:  So sorry.  XOXO

Then we headed home and enjoyed dinner on the back porch with Daddy and the doggies . . . pure bliss.  THE END.

Okay, dinner was almost perfect.  
The porch hasn't been cleaned for Spring 
and the dog gate is mostly installed.

 Finn LOVES Mommy, spanish rice, 
Mommy, sausage, Mommy, 
Lavender and Mommy.

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