Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What DO You Do All Day?

Ah, sweet readers, this is the one question you've been wanting answered but were too afraid to ask.  We still follow the basic principles from The Baby Whisperer book:  Eat, Activity, Sleep, & You.

The babies enjoy a bottle first thing in the morning followed by play time with everything in the room but their toys.

Once we (who are we kidding, it's only me) hear the first cry, we head to the nursery for 'quiet time'.   Quiet time is about 15 - 20 minutes of story time.  We read at least two fun books and one educational book about numbers, colors, shapes, or alphabets (we love the Gymboree ones).

After story time 'we' turn the lights off and sing a silly 'quiet time' song.  Usually there will be five minutes of crying once I leave the room (if only more adults would cry for me when I leave a room).  Then I get to spend the next hour checking emails, doing chores, taking a shower and organizing the babies' gear depending on the day's schedule.

After First Nap, we have Second Breakfast with People Food.  We're stuck on cheese toast, oatmeal and fruit.  This process usually requires a 'french bath' afterwards (wet cloth cleaning) and then we make a costume change into our Day Clothes (still my favorite part of the day).

Next up is another round of playtime until someone cries.  Then we head to the nursery for Second Nap.  We skip the story time and do a short 5 - 10 minute wind down with diaper checks followed by a few hugs and kisses.

After Second Nap, the babies have a bottle and then we do 'Adventure Time'.  Usually this is either running errands, going for a walk, visiting friends, exploring the area, etc.  After Adventure Time we head home for dinner (aka 'What Will She Force Me To Eat Next' time).

After dinner we play until bath time and hope (more like desperately pray) Daddy does not come home late from work.  The whole family is pretty much ready for bed time by 6:30p (because in 13 short hours the process starts all over again).

There you have it, our routine which we follow at random. . .


guan00 said...

OMG! Your babies go to bed at 6:30 and sleep for 13 hours? Sounds like a dream. I love checking in on you guys. I like to know what Finn, Mirabelle, Mommy, and Daddy are doing. We get bedtime 9:30-10:30 with one maybe two wake ups during the night and very few daytime naps unless it is in the car seat.

Shannon said...

Why does this sound so dull and uneventful and yet is SO EXHAUSTING! Miss you and babies!