Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinch Me Anyway

Tonight Lavender & Bailey breathe a sigh of relief.  Gone are the days of posing helplessly in demeaning costumes at the expense of human indulgences.  Instead, today we tortured the babies in honor of St. Patrick's Day!  

Rumor has it Dave's great-grandfather came from Ireland (we would have celebrated regardless).  Needless to say, we honored dear St. Paddy by throwing fashion to the curb and sporting our most tastefully tacky outfits.

Dave's cousin sent us these awesome 'Irish Prince & Princess' onesies!  She had boy/girl twins a few years ago and sent us the BEST hand-me-downs!

I've no illusions one day this bottle will be replaced with some other green liquid, for now it's just 'milk'. 


Zoo Keeper said...

I love it that almost every picture I've seen of Belle she's posing like a good little model should. Finn is just so adorable - and you're right to have no illusions about your children. Now if all parents were like that!!!

Shannon said...

Love it! Especially the dorky hats!