Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Da, Da, Da

 The twins call each other 'Da'.  I finally learned this the other day while putting their names on the wall above their cribs (been wanting to do this for a year and a half).

I found a pretty cool website, Wall Written, with a super easy online tool to create custom phrases.  Of all the sites I researched, this one was by far the simplest to use while providing a great selection of font and color choices.

At first, I was nervous about installing the decals, but the instructions were pretty idiot proof (phew).  After I'd placed the stickers on the wall, Finn & Belle ran into the room and demanded I put them in their cribs.  Then each proceeded to point to their names, turn to each other and squeal 'Da!'.

Now it all makes sense.  Like homing pigeons, they shout 'Da' throughout the house when one is trying to find the other.  After nap time, I'll hear the first one wake up and 'quietly' say 'Da', until the other one wakes up, or responds.

If I'd known this sooner I could have saved some money on the size of my lettering by simply ordering two different colors of 'Da'.


WanderingGirl said...

And you waited a year and a half because you were afraid you might changed their names??? Crazy lady! It looks AWESOME, and I LOVE IT!!!

guan00 said...

So sweet that they talk to each other when they wake up and look for one another in the house. :)