Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mug Shots

The babies had their first school pictures a few weeks ago.  Apparently Mirabelle was not feeling the love from the photographer and refused to sit for her solo portrait.  They did manage to get a sibling photo of the two.

We opted not to get the photos this time, they'll do them again in the spring.  But since these were their 'first ever' school portraits, I at least digitized the proofs for your viewing pleasure (and my growing book of embarrassing baby photos meant to torment my children at some far future date).

Alright.  Mriabelle, look on the verge of tears
for the camera; and Finn, look clueless. 

Great!  Now, Mirabelle, look bored; and Finn, don't move.

Who's Happy And They Know It?

Happy, right?  You remember . . . don't you?

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