Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Gettin' Hawt In Here! Part 1

Our eternal summer of heat has finally left.  I've just swapped out all the twins' summer clothes for the latest in 2010 fall/winter fashion (sounds more chic than 'forced to buy new clothes because we got's none').

We also decided to preemptively address the temperature issues in the nursery during the winter months.  Last winter was our first in the new house.  We have electric heating and air, which I'm told is more efficient for warmer weather (i.e. utterly useless during the winter).

Our electric bill nearly tripled during the coldest months last year--due to my obsession with a particular space heater for the nursery (hello, new mother and irrational anxieties towards all things infant).  This year, we decided to make a (pretty) thermal window shade for the nursery.

Granted, this was Dave's suggestion last year, but irrational Emily didn't think it would look pretty, or actually work.  Approximately $2,500 later (just in diaper purchases alone), it's a brilliant idea--mainly because we're in super cost savings/cutting mode coming off our expensive new babies high from last year.  I found a website, Mother Earth News, with instructions on how to custom make your own thermal shades for under $50 (just realized the article was written in 1983--somehow this should make it hip and new again, and totally explains the 'how to' photos).

Nana was in town and on board with Dave's-turned-my-brilliant idea of making these thermal shades.  Luckily, she just happened to bring her sewing machine on this trip.

To be continued . . .

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