Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Gettin' Hawt In Here! Part 2

Many thanks to Nana for lugging her sewing machine across the eastern seaboard just to make a thermal shade for her grandbabies.

For my part, I provided crucial supportive services like selecting and purchasing all the necessary supplies, ironing, straightening fabric for cutting, reading directions thoroughly, and general moral support.

We've had them up for two nights.  I think the room feels warmer, it's also much darker . . . one would think this might help the babies sleep later in the morning (one would be wrong).

Ta Da!  Here's the finished product.  It's fastened to the window using strips of Velcro so the shade can be removed every morning and placed back at night.  There's a layer of plastic sheeting sandwiched between quilt batting and then the fabric cover.

The babies were mesmerized by Nana's magical white machine.  

The loyal sidekick


Amanda said...

This is exactly what I envisioned when a certain little guy needed his fireman suspenders mended. That is why they are now at a professional tailor. God bless a nana who can sew surrounded by inquisitive eyes and fingers! :)

Shannon said...

Looks awesome!