Friday, October 22, 2010

Whaz' Up, D!?!

Our virtual friend, Dexter, has been hitting the chocolate pudding pretty hard (via a recent blog post).  Dexter is a super sweet baby boy we've never met, but enjoy keeping track of on his blog.

For those of you who don't know, his Mom started a blog journaling their fertility struggles, Allison, Daniel & Dexter's Journey.  A mutual friend recommended I read this blog, and possibly start my own, while Dave and I struggled to face our own fertility challenges.  Two years, and 350 posts later, we're still chronicling our journey and you're still bored enough to read it.

Here's our own version of dinner with chocolate pudding:

We didn't mind they played more than ate their pudding.  It will be another 90 years before that's consider socially acceptable anyway.


Ali said...

Isn't pudding wondeful!

SugarSnaps! said...

The pure delight on Finn's face will make me giggle and giggle every time I think of it today. And it was kind of a long weekend, so I especially appreciate the laugh! Thanks! :)