Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How To Build Self Esteem

Every Christmas, my Oma sent each of us chocolate-filled advent calendars.  I'd put mine on the wall above my bed and every day open the little window and eat a small piece of chocolate (thus reinforcing my lifelong addiction to chocolate).

It's one of my favorite holiday memories, and now that I've got my own little munchkins, I want them to enjoy this same tradition.  I've been searching the internet to find an advent calendar I can reuse every year.  I love the ones at Land of Nod; however, I don't love the price.

So, today I went to the craft store and priced out materials to make my own felt advent calendar.  By the time I reached $40--just in basic materials, I decided to cut my loses.  After telling Dave we'd be better off just purchasing the super cool Land of Nod advent calendar than having me spend over $60 to make a lesser quality one from scratch he replied:  'Honey, you couldn't make that regardless of what it cost'.

Safe to say I'll be purchasing the 'Christmas Countdown Calendar' from Land of Nod with a guilt-free conscience. . .

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