Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Say Gnome

We spent the better part of September debating what costumes to buy the babies for Halloween (this is what happens when an over-thinking wife stays at home to raise the children).

Last year they were Star Wars characters.  This year we were going to pay homage to the Flintstone's 50th Anniversary with some Pebbles & BamBam action but didn't like the store-made costumes (unfortunately, I'm not known for my sewing, cooking or cleaning abilities).

Instead we've chosen Garden Gnomes!  During the month of October, for a limited time only, the twins are available for photographing inside yours, or a loved ones, garden.  This rare photo opportunity (forget it's with other people's children) make great souvenirs, holiday gifts, and/or special keepsake memories.  It's only $9.99 for one photograph, or $89.99 if they happen to smile.