Monday, September 1, 2008

How much are you worth?

We received our IVF estimate this weekend (drum roll, please).  Total IVF treatment estimate is about $19,350.

Here's a break down of the costs.
IVF Estimated Fees:
Anesthesia: services and meds  $800
Oocyte retrieval physician fee  $1,800
Embryo transfer physician fee  $720
Cycle management fee  $300
Embryology IVF with ICSI (11+ eggs)  $5,730
Monitoring during stimulation  $2,300
Trial Transfer  $600
Cryopreservation initial fee/storage for 1 year  $1,100
Medications  $3,000
PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)  $3,000

Okay, so we were off by about $9,350 (I guess now, more than ever, we really do want twins).  We're currently researching our financing options (Dave is searching the couch for loose change).


Amanda said...

Oh yeah, you better get at LEAST twins outta this deal. Maybe even triplets or quad.

Think of it this way, all of your friends know exactly what you want for Christmas and birthdays! THANK YOU!!

NO MORE UGLY chip and dip platters for you!!! You get IVF donations all the way!

Amanda said...

I don't even know how much $20,000 is... I may just have to buy you muliple cocktails before you get pregs, and every time we hang out from now til 2020.

Anonymous said...

Definately start a baby fund. I'm sure friends and family will chip in. Do like a Dave+Emily-a-thon. Jerry Lewis has nothing on you!

Shannon said...

Oh - anonymous said was Shannon!