Monday, September 22, 2008

Why All Theatre Majors Should Be Teachers. . .

Friday night I met up with my old friends from Winthrop's theatre department.  Most of my freshman and sophomore years were spent in that department (it was the only cool place on campus).

So, what do theatre majors do for a living (aside from keep odd hours and still live on ramen noodles)?  Interestingly enough 15% of the group are teachers!  The other 85% either have desk jobs they hate, work in retail or restaurants, a few were/are massage therapist, and some were lucky enough to find full time work in theatre.  

So why do I think more theatre majors should be teachers?  Here's my rationale:
  • Theatre majors are use to making no money. . . so are teachers.
  • Teaching gives you at least 4 or 5 one Act performances a day (never mind the audience is forced by law to attend).
  • Teachers get summers off (perfect for doing summer theatre work).
  • Theatre majors are quirky and cool. . . schools need more quirky and cool teachers.
There you have it.  Of course, since I'm becoming a teacher I obviously think everyone I know should be one too (who doesn't want to work with their friends).

On the fertility front, I did my trial transfer and sonogram on Friday.  Everything went smoothly and Dr. Skywalker was pleased.  The sonogram was a little painful, just tiny 1 - 2 second cramps (nothing some ibuprofen couldn't handle).  

The sonogram was needed to take pictures of my uterus and make sure there are no polyps or other abnormalities.  The trial transfer makes sure a special procedure is not needed during embryo transfer (I was normal).

I got my second Lupron shot and marching orders for starting IVF treatment.  My first stimulation shot and ultrasound begins on October 13th.  Yippee!


Stephanie Murray said...

The theatre dept was not the coolest!!!! The music dept. was! :D

Amanda said...

EEEEEEEEKK!!! 19 days and a wake up!!! xoxoxox

Shannon said...

Nah Steph, theatre was definately the coolest - after all that was where I met Brett!