Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better than Oprah's!

A few weeks ago I convinced my Grandma to start a book club with me.  Like any good grandparent she said 'yes' even though I think she wasn't completely on board with the idea (she's humoring me, folks).  

Our book club is better than Oprah's because we'll read some trash (oh!  and self-help books are strictly prohibited).  My Grandma got first pick (a not so subtle sales tactic I used to get her more firmly invested in the book club idea).  We're reading a mystery/thriller called Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown.  

I've posted our current and next selections on the right side of the blog.  This is to encourage those interested to read along with us.  After my Grandma and I read a book, I'll drive to see her and we'll talk about what we thought.  I'll post our thoughts and hopefully you will post your comments and we'll have a quasi-official, Internet-driven book circle.  Sounds fun, right!?!

In fertility news, we had some mildly stressful moments last week when we received our IVF bill.  The big payment of $11K is due on October 5th, which is a Sunday (and slightly odd payment date).  We have to pay this bill before we can begin the stimulation injections on October 13th.  So why the stress?

Have you been watching the news!?!?  Luckily we've known for a while this was coming.  We picked a finance option that was right for us and got approved last week.  In the event we weren't approved some financial alternatives we discussed included:
  • holding a charity dog talent show (until we realized neither of our dogs do anything special)
  • selling our plasma for $$$ (roughly 200 times each)
  • playing the state lottery (but I heard the odds were kind of low).

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