Friday, September 5, 2008

Have you hugged a Grandparent lately?

Apparently the first Sunday after Labor Day is National Grandparents Day (because Mother's Day and Father's Day just didn't cover it).  But seriously, this day was created to connect grandchildren with the heritage and wisdom of their grandparents.

That being said, I may be somewhat bias but I do think I have the world's BEST Grandmothers.  Here's a picture of me with both of them at my wedding.  On the left is my Oma (from Germany) and on the right is my Grandma (from South Carolina).

These two women are my heroes!  They've both lived very different but very amazing lives (both are octogenarian).  Here's a list of some things I know and admire about these two gems:
  • My Oma was fearless during World War II.  On her way home from a neighboring village some Russian Army soldiers stopped her and told her to get into the back of their truck.  She jumped out of that truck and ran safely home.
  • My Grandma has impeccable taste.  She fell in love and married the one man who walked straight up to the bar and ordered a cold glass of milk (instead of beer like all the other guys).
  • My Oma doesn't let age slow her down.  In her late 60s she decided to go back to college and study Art History (I will promptly quit whining about how old going back to school makes me feel).
  • My Grandma embodies determination.  After my Dad was born she suffered a few miscarriages before becoming pregnant with my Aunt.  The doctor told her she might die if she continued this pregnancy and encouraged her to abort.  She refused and my Aunt was born healthy and safe (I will promptly quit whining about IVF).
  • My Oma and Grandma have amazing inner strength.  Both are now widows, my Opa died in 1998 and my Granddaddy died this past spring (sorry Aunt Sharon if I made you cry at work).
See, my grandmothers really are the best!  With love, Happy Grandparents Day!

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