Monday, September 29, 2008

Becoming a Teacher or an Alcoholic?

Friday I spent the day 'observing' my old roommate Clay (aka Mr. Kennedy).  He teaches Spanish and French at a local middle school.  While I don't plan on teaching French or Spanish, nor do I plan on teaching middle grades, I wanted my first observation to be with a friend.  I haven't been in a public school classroom in over 15 years (I was scarit).  

What did I learn?  I really must live a life of leisure right now, I was exhausted at the end of the day (and I didn't DO anything).  I am completely convinced there is a direct correlation between teaching and an increase in alcohol intake.  Is it still illegal to keep a liquor cabinet behind your desk?

Clay was awesome!  It must have been quiz day in all his classes.  For extra credit he asked his students to stare at 'the mysterious lady' in the back of the classroom and guess who she was.  Some responses included me being his sister, his wife, his friend, being from France, etc.  My personal favorite was 'she's waiting for you to retire so she can take your job' (I requested this kid get half credit for creativity).  

The school made me wear a big red sticker all day that said 'VISITOR' (that's me during planning period trying my best to rock it).  All in all, I'm still excited about teaching.  When I get my graduate certificate, send me a case of wine (for medicinal purposes, of course)!


Zoo Keeper said...

Where have I been? You and Clay were roomies?? I didn't even realize you and Clay went to college together!! gee... I need to get a life and get informed... I think I became Ms. anti-social my sr. year, dropped off the face of the earth and went downhill from there...

looks like you had fun! a lot more fun than I'm having at this very moment... (in the mkt world... any suggstions?? ; )

Meig said...

Okay, I'm many percentage points of love do I get? ;p

Did you seriously post this at 7:30 in the morning? And you didn't HAVE to be up for anything. I just don't understand you...unless its showing me 7:30 PT and it was really 10:30 your time, which is perfectly acceptable of course.

Well, when you're the hot teach, I will be very jealous of your hours and summer schedule, but I won't envy your daily exposure to young, warped minds. I'm sure, though, that you will know just how to guide the darlings in your infinitely wise direction.

Good luck!