Friday, September 12, 2008

Beware the Ides of October

Talked with my IVF nurse yesterday.  We scheduled the trial transfer and sonogram for Friday, September 19th.  In Dave's best attempt at sympathy he politely reminded me he would be out of town that day on his annual golf trip (lucky Dave).  The trial transfer/sonogram should be fairly routine.

The doctor also created an IVF treatment calender for me.  I begin the stimulation phase on October 15th; that's the 8 - 13 days of 3 - 4 shots/day using follicle stimulating hormones (beware the hormonal lady on campus).  This means I'll do egg retrieval and transfer sometime the last week of October or first week of November (right around midterms).  

These dates are simply rough estimates.  I can't begin the stimulation phase on October 15th until the doctor is comfortable the endometriosis is properly suppressed.  Keep your fingers crossed for my body to cooperate.  

I'm off to the beach to rub a big, fat belly for the weekend!  And wishing my Meigh didn't live so far away, since the big, fat belly belongs to our oldest friend from junior high.

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Amanda said...

A trial? Is that a turkey baster full of glitter instead of sperm? Sounds fun!