Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Dogs: 4 Sale!

If I'm ready to get rid of my dogs when they do something bad, does that make me a future unfit mother?

The only time I can get both dogs to pose for a picture is to lock them outside.  Notice the back door has a ton of scratch marks.  That's because Bailey (on the right with the big antennas) doesn't like being locked outside.  She will scratch relentlessly at the door until you let her back in (this is our second door, we had to replace the first cause it got so bad).  Lavender, on the other hand, will just lick the door repeatedly in her efforts to be let inside (for those of you who've met Lavender, she redefines the term 'licker').

Well, one of them has a bladder problem right now.  We suspect it's Lavender (which is very unusual for her).  Last night we think she peed in her sleep.  She never pees in the house (Bailey will do it out of spite. . . she's the mean one).  

Here's the concern, Lavender had a tumor removed two years ago.  It was cancerous and the vet said there was an 80% chance more would grow back.  She seems healthy.  She likes to chase squirrels, bark at anything that steps near her property, reminds me at promptly 5:00p it's time for feeding, etc.  We don't feel any growths on her fur; but that doesn't count any tumors that might be growing inside her.  

Dave and I both agreed not to spend the money on vet bills to try and have her scanned, etc.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our first baby girl--but not enough to go into debt.  So we enjoy her until she starts showing signs of something serious.  

We're hoping her 'accident' last night was a one time thing.  Which is highly possible, she only spontaneously pees when Dave puts on my old Halloween wigs and walks the house in them.  Maybe she was dreaming last night of Dave in a wig. . . 

Anyway, in other news, Friday is just a day away!  Dave told me this morning he can't wait (how cute)!  Our appointment is at 1:00p.  So for those of you just dying to know the results, we'll try to post by 3:00p before heading out of town.

Thanks for all the stroller advice!  And all the excitement!!!  Till tomorrow. . . 

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Amanda said...

If you don't post before you leave town, you're going to have a lllloot of phone calls to make...just sayin!! DRIVE SAFELY!