Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Revelations

Dave got up early this morning to go vote, I voted two weeks ago during early voting (along with my baby brother, there he is standing in line).  After Dave voted we talked about our voting methods.  

I voted for Obama and then found myself voting for any feminine sounding name on the ballot regardless of party affiliation (I call it the Hillary-effect).  When I mentioned this to Dave, he told me he did the SAME thing!  

I think his exact words were:
"When I didn't know the candidates I voted for the female, unless her name sounded bitchy like Cherie Berry."  
"Men really haven't been doing that great of a job; why not let women run things for a while.  Plus, men are always doing what their women tell them to do, I don't really see any difference."
"Personally, if electing women to public office means I might get to play more golf--I'm all for that."
Folks,  let's be clear on one thing.  I never influenced Dave's voting decision by promising him golf if he voted for more women (his fantasy world, not mine).  In fact, this was the first real conversation we had about who we voted for outside of the Presidential candidates.  

In other election related news,  my 'guns are cool' baby brother voted for Obama (he had me take a picture of his voting method).

Also, a few weeks ago I got a phone call from Grandma.  She told me she voted for the next President of the United States (via absentee ballot).  When I asked who she voted for she told me Barack Obama (yup, this is the same Grandma that months ago briefly considered voting for Palin)!  

Here is what Grandma had to say about her decision:
"Well, Palin seems to know about as much as I do on the issues and I know I'm not qualified to be Vice President of the United States."
"And did you know that Obama stopped his campaign to go visit his dying Grandmother?  Anyone who would do that has my vote!"
God bless you Grandma!  I love you and your thinking!  

Last night me and the little embryos attended our first Obama rally.  You know, the one in Charlotte that got a ton of national coverage because of Obama's emotional statements about the death of his Grandmother (I was right there).  I stood in line for 2 hours.  Then stood for another 2 hours waiting for Obama to speak.  I stood in light rain, heavy rain, misty fog and probably caught a cold (totally worth it).  

Take a look at my pics!

The back of the line around 3:15p

The line.

Right before the rain.   Waiting for Obama

Jake Tapper from ABC News giving a live report. 

Me taking a picture of Jake Tapper giving his live report on ABC News!


Almost iconic 
(if only I'd brought my really good camera)


Amanda said...

Great pics.

Zoo Keeper said...

Rock on Em!!!!
And to think I heard last week that "Sarah Palin appeared at a rally in the small southeastern Ohio town of Marietta today". Um, that's where I grew up before I moved. I think I might now disown it. really. I might. it's tainted... the only saving grace is that Ohio turned Dem in the end!!