Wednesday, November 19, 2008

6 Weeks Update

Weight:  +4 lbs. (pre-pregnancy weight)
Fitness:  opened packaging on pre-natal yoga DVD (does sleeping a lot count?)
Food Aversions:  V8 juice, junk food, sweets, anything greasy/fatty
Sleep Count:  10 hrs. nightly, 2 hrs. afternoon nap

Apparently, this is what our babies look like right now (hmmm. . . hard to feel maternal towards this picture).  It looks like a cross between a lizard and a tadpole (maybe a tadard?).  We'll know for sure on Friday how many tadards we're having.

Alright, so Dave and I have been trying to prepare ourselves for the news that we are having twins (for those of you on Facebook who bet on more than 2. . . I'm seriously considering un-friending you).  I know we've been all for twins this whole time. . . until we went fantasy shopping at Babies R Us last weekend.  Twin strollers are just hideous (it's not fair)!

Then we got into a debate over whether both our cars needed to be equipped for two baby carriers (I said 'yes', Dave said 'why').  I'm guessing the idea of buying 4 car carriers was overwhelming for him.  Don't worry folks, we're just going through that initial parental panic stage.  All in all we are still very, very excited about everything.  

I will say, it already feels like the longest pregnancy ever.  Most couples don't start finding out they are pregnant until at 6 weeks.  We've been focused on ours for 2 centuries (okay, just 2 months).  

Friday, after the ultrasound, we are heading to Flo-town to chaperon little Quinnie's birthday party.  The theme this year is 'Camp Quinn'.  There will be tents, a bon fire, smores, etc.  My baby sister is turning 17 (translation:  the rest of us are getting really old)!


Trish said...

LOL! I still say two! :) I'm so happy about Friday - I can't stand it! What time is your appt so I know about what time to start checking the blog and Facebook? OK.. and here's the deal with the baby carriers.. they all come with bases these days. All you have to do is buy 2 more bases - and you can use the actual carriers in either car. That's how we did it - we just bought another base and that way if one or the other of us had to transport the wee one - we only had to click in the actual carrier and we we off and running! I can't WAIT to hear!!!!!

Amanda said...

Totally agree with Trish...4 bases, 2 carriers. Carriers pop into any of the bases. Also, for strollers, they have these handy dandy, stroller "frames" that both carriers just click into. These stroller frames are sooo much lighter than a full-on stroller and easier for that first year until your little guys can sit up on their own. Will be checking all day Friday for news!!!! YAY!!

Meig said...

Wow, um...strollers...bases...I have no knowledgeable mommy advice to impart. However, I have LOADS of baby excitement to shower on you and I can't wait to hear your news on FRIDAY!!!

Good luck!
(translation - two perfect babies, no more)

Amanda said...

Uh, yeah and sorry to say, but your baby looks weird. Can't wait for that tail to drop off. :):):)

Zoo Keeper said...

Sorry - I'm with Meig - no mommy knowledge but lots of excitement for you!! (I've never even had a puppy... I go straight for full grown adoptable dogs...)

But hey - just watch a few episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 and twins or triplets will feel like heaven!!! *wink*wink*