Monday, November 10, 2008

Now what?

Well, we've had the weekend to let all this news sink in and now it's back to work for Dave and school for Emily.  We spent most of Friday on the phone with family and friends making sure everyone knew the news.  

Friday night we went to our favorite restaurant, Rooster's, to celebrate.  Dave drank wine, I drank Charlotte tap (that would be water).  With it being a rather emotionally eventful day we called it a night around 8:30p.

Saturday morning Dave played golf (surprise!) with his brother and I slept till noon.  Later that day we went to the mall and walked Pottery Barn Kids just for fun (I think Dave prefers Babies R Us). On the plus side, we did like the same bedding at PB Kids (of course we've got 9 months to figure all that out).  

I've been begging Dave (or as he would describe it--nagging) to write a post for everyone about his thoughts on this news.  He was a little reluctant, so this morning I interviewed him while he got ready for work.  Here's what he has to say:

What did you do after I called you on Friday with the good news?

"I was very happy, very excited.  I called my brother, my buddy James and my parents.  I was useless at work for the rest of the day."

How many babies do you think we will have?

"Well, based on your hCG levels it sounds like we are having 8 babies."

Do you notice any changes in me?

"No change in pregnant Emily verses normal Emily.  You always sleep a lot and ask me to fetch you things."

You put a bell by my side of the bed after transfer, why did you remove it this weekend?

"You don't need the bell any more, you are not on bed rest. . . wait, are you putting that on there too?"

What did you think of Pottery Barn Kids?

"The yuppies and prices scared me.  It seemed very hectic and crazy.  I like Babies R Us better they had babies there and people seemed to smile more.  PB Kids was very claustrophobic."

What do you think our first purchase for the babies should be?

"A new house. . . okay, maybe just a crib. . . or a bassinet, and a new puppy."

How do you think Lavender and Bailey will feel about our babies?

"They are going to be confused and threatened.   It will be competition for our attention."

There you have it folks, Dave's humbling thoughts on our impending parenthood.  As for me, I'm so excited to finally know I'm pregnant.  Of course, now I'm obsessed with all I should do to make sure I stay pregnant, deliver healthy babies, keep them safe, etc.  

All challenges I happily accept!!


Amanda said...

More excited squeals from Myrtle Beach...


A few thoughts...

Dave is INSANE to think about new puppies along with your two existing furbabies and 8 pending human babies.

The internet is a beautiful thing...register to your heart's content...people buy you stuff. You don't have to enter another store. :)

Momma needs a NEW WATER BOTTLE...preferably 32 ounces..It may not fit in your purse, but then you only have to drink 3 a day and you're set on your hydration...also, CHUG, don't sip. It goes down faster. :):):)

On pins and needles for second hCG level. Is it seriously going to DOUBLE??

Meig said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! I have to agree with Amanda that Dave may have been in Lala Land when he thought a new puppy AND a new baby (or six) would be a good idea. Stop the madness, Dave!!

You just put your feet up and do your deep breathing to keep those stress hormones low. : ) Try to focus on school or something. (Yeah, right.)

Love you bunches,