Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These. . .

I've always been an avid dreamer so I'm not sure if these dreams are normal or a by-product of pregnancy.  Apparently 'they' (the pregnancy world) say pregnant women experience more vivid dreams during pregnancy.  

Possible causes include:
  • frequently waking up in the middle of dream-rich REM sleep (to change positions, pee, etc.)
  • Increased anxiety because you are pregnant and might be having twins (okay, I added the twin part)
Regardless, I'm having some funky dreams.  No nightmares, just better-than-watching-a-movie-because-I'm-starring-in-them dreams. Here's some highlights:
  • I'm at the YMCA and overhear the Hip Hop aerobic instructor complaining about how I ruin the flow of the class because I'm so uncoordinated.  This prompted me to reach for the intercom and make an announcement to the entire YMCA.  I said something similar to:
    "Excuse me please.  It has come to my attention that the YMCA would like only those members with coordination to enjoy the Hip Hop aerobics classes.  Please discontinue attending these classes if you cannot keep up with the instruction." 
  • I'm attending some huge conference at a hotel.  I become the unwitting third wheel to some government secret agency investigation.  Kerri Russell and Ryan Gosling were the romantic leads (don't ask me why).  I got to dodge bullets, jump from high buildings and play dumb (such a stretch).
  • Dave and I are browsing through Babies R Us and in the middle of the store he grabs my boobies and says 'You think there's enough juice in there for twins?'  (Wait!  That wasn't a dream, that actually happened on Sunday. . .)
In other news, my dear girl Sarah and her charmingly rustic husband, Peter, are the proud parents of one little baby boy!!!  Her friend Amanda posted the details:
Cullen Peter Gerace
November 16, 2008
6 lbs. 10 oz.
19" long
13.5" head

Congratulations Team Gerace!!!  Good luck with your little bundle of perfection.  Sarah, you are my hero!

photo courtesy of Meghan Whitney


Amanda said...

subliminal message...


Sarah said...

Thanks Em! We are so excited! -Gerace family :)