Monday, November 24, 2008

Camp Quinn: The Remake

Dave and I went to Florence, SC this past weekend to chaperon my baby sister's 17th birthday party.  Well, it was mostly Dave chaperoning. . . I spent most of the night feeling like crap in the back bedroom (all-day morning sickness has officially set in).

The party theme was 'Camp Quinn' in honor of the original camp Quinn my dad created in our backyard about 10 years ago.  Here's a picture of the original camp (notice the painted sign that says: 'Camp Quinn').  

My parent's willingly went out of town for the weekend (much to Quinn's relief).  In fact, they told us they were leaving so Dave and I could take full legal responsibility for anything that goes wrong (loving parents).  

Here's a picture of the new 'Camp Quinn' the kids were making smores.  

Happy Birthday Quinnie!  Hope you had fun at your party.

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Zoo Keeper said...

You're a MUCH better big sis than I am!! I would NEVER volunteer for such an event... but then again I have a feeling your sister and my brother are a bit different...

Didn't Justin and Charlie catch the woods on fire back behind our house when they were little??