Thursday, November 13, 2008


Weight:  + 4 lbs. (pre-pregnancy weight)
Fitness:  purchased pre-natal yoga DVD and Fit Pregnancy magazine
Food Aversions:   BBQ, anything greasy/fatty, most fast food
Sleep Count:  9 hrs. nightly, 2 hrs. afternoon nap

I bought my first pregnancy magazine!!!  It was almost as fun as buying my first bridal magazine when Dave proposed.  Here's the really cute thing, I showed the magazine to Dave and I think he was more excited than I was.  He started reading it immediately (he loves the baby advertisements).

I was somewhat disappointed to read the pregnancy weight gain section (eating-for-two is a myth!?!).  I have a normal BMI which means the current weight gain recommendation is 25 - 35 lbs. for the entire pregnancy.  However, new research is suggesting even this is too much weight and I should only gain 5 - 22 lbs. during my pregnancy (I don't like this particular magazine any more).  

Folks, I'm at 5 weeks and I don't look pregnant, I just look like a sausage (Dave has nicknamed me 'ma petite sausage').  Granted I did suffer from Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome--which caused major bloating and weight gain, but that's over and now I just look thick.  

Enough of my complaining, in other news, my girl Anna is 4 months pregnant!!  It only took her 2 months of trying (but we still love her anyway and are crazy excited for them).  They're even considering starting a blog about their new addition.  I say 'Game On!' you hip and trendy urban New Yorkers!!

I've got to get ready to take my third and final pregnancy test. . . 


Zoo Keeper said...

I'm a dork. I was just reading the sidebar about Dave and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what "HSM3" was.... and then it finally hit me! If you're up for watching that then you're DEFINITELY cut out for kids!! *wink*wink*

Amanda said...

YAY for Anna and hot asian guy!!!...(yes, I forgot his name, but hoping that made up for it..) :):)
Awesome couple and wonderful NY tour-guides!!

And for Ms. Emily aversions? weight gain?? I'm LOVING IT!!

As for the "recommended weight gain"...I say (cough)BULLSHIT(cough).

My range for preggos (of normal pre-preg weight) is 25-35...FOR ONE BABY. This is your first lesson in FILTERING the (quote)facts(unquote) you get from the many sources on pregnancy and childbirth and deciding what is and is not true for you.

Love you!!

Shannon said...

Uhh, totally agree with the "recommended weight gain" as being crap. With my first I gained like 60+ pounds and was loving every minute of it. It's not that I ate bad . . . I just ate! And with Lovely Number Two - I gained like 35-40 and felt totally proud of myself for staying so slim - the last 10+ happened the last 3 weeks though. So here's my tip - don't even worry about it. Weight is what it is - just try to eat smart but enjoy eating because it's the only time you'll be allowed not to worry about the scales! Tip number 2 - don't weigh yourself outside of DR. visits either. Totally not worth it and depressing!

Dave K. said...

anna is pregnant? nobody tells me anything...

Amanda said...

AND (something I did not know until I experienced it)breastfeeding just MELTS that weight right off. I had no idea. :)

Zoo Keeper said...

why do I have the feeling you're going to be one of those "cute" prego girls?? Tall and slim with the oh-so fashionable "bump" regardless of what you eat and how much weight you gain... it's just your build. I think you have nothing to worry about! ; )

Meig said...

Oh thank god you posted! I was going through withdrawal. And I have "weigh" in on that magazine's opinion that 5 lbs of baby weight could be enough. 5lbs! The baby will probably weigh at least 7 or 8 on its own! What are you supposed to do remove some organs to keep that scale down? (And besides you're going to have twins, so ignore all that stuff about "normal" gains.) : )


P.S. I can't believe you got a post out of DK. I haven't heard from him eons. Where are you DK? Have you moved away forever? Are you going to resurface for Tday like the old days? ; )

P.P.S. Sorry about the shameless, painfully obvious wordplay.


Trish said...

5 pounds? That's BS!!! The baby alone (much less 2) weighs on average 6 pounds, then you've got to add in just the amniotic fluid.. which can be another 15! Holy crap... My BMI is NOT normal (I'm fat).. and my doc said I should gain at least 20 pounds. I mean Jeez.. if you only gain 5 pounds - you're going to LOSE weight coming out of the hospital from your pre-preg. That's crap-ola. A normal preg weight gain especially for having twins could be 30 pounds! Sheesh.. don't weigh yourself at all. Eat what you want.. this is your first pregnancy. Enjoy it.