Friday, November 14, 2008

How Do You Feel About Twins?

That's what my nurse asked me yesterday on the phone when she called with my 3rd and final pregnancy test results.  My hCG levels were (drum roll please):


Phew!  Looks like a party is brewin' in my belly.  Now none of this is confirmation that we are having twins, but these high levels are pretty good indicators.  We won't know until the ultrasound; which has been moved up to 11/21 (a week from today)!  Dave's taking a half day for the ultrasound.  There is a small possibility we might be able to hear heartbeats at this ultrasound!

Thanks for all the weight advice (I enjoyed a piece of pumpkin pie for lunch today--guilt free)!  Speaking of lunch, I spent the day observing at South Meck High School and got to enjoy something pretty cool.

Friday is Mrs. Dobby's Cafe day.  Apparently South Meck has a culinary arts program (Mrs. Dobby is in charge).  Students prepare lunch on Fridays for teachers and create take-home meals during the week for teachers and their families.  This is not to be confused with Home Economics, the Culinary Arts students work in a full service restaurant-style kitchen.

On the menu today was chicken tetrazzini, side salad and sweet potato or pumpkin pie.  Holy Cow!  It was awesome and only $6 (oh, and the students were the waiters).  It wasn't clear if I was suppose to tip. . . 

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Amanda said...

First, great job! Way to double those numbers. Secondly...daaaaaaammmmn.

Seriously, never forget how very loved and supported you are (throughout the country I'm sure). You have tons of Aunties (real and imagined) ready for babysitting duty. So, no worries about multiples. You and Dave will take care of business, but we're all here too.

We love you.

(umm...can you tell I'm a BIT BABY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW!?!!??)

Can't wait for friday.