Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 32-Year-Old Baby

Does a mother always look at her children as her 'babies' no matter how old they get?  My mother thinks so.  She kept calling ME her baby all day.  There is something very reassuring about being reminded you are someone else's child, especially when you are weeks (maybe days, but probably weeks) away from becoming a new mommy yourself.  

Clueless Update
Quinn felt the belly yesterday and freaked out.  'I didn't know it felt like a real baby was in there!!'  

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Amanda said...

I was thinking this EXACT THING yesterday. I heard someone on the radio refer to her offspring as her "adult children"...which seems like an oxymoron. But I think when you raise a child and teach them everything you know and dedicate your life to helping them to become wonderful productive and helpful members of society, YES, they will always be your *baby* in your heart. Unavoidable, I say. :)

Bless Quinn's sweet clueless heart... xoxox :)