Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Practice of Incompetence

That would be my ob/gyn practice. They want to schedule a c-section for next week (yup, I was told it had to be a c-section or find another practice . . . I might be exaggerating, slightly).

The woman in charge of scheduling such events is conveniently on vacation until Monday. She called me yesterday (right before the end of her shift), left a message stating the c-section was scheduled and to call her for the details. I called and got her voicemail which informed me she's on vacation for the rest of the week.

So now I have to wait until Monday to get the details surrounding the birth of my children? Clearly unhappy with this situation I call the front office, explain my situation and ask if there is anyone covering for Jennifer while she's on vacation.

Apparently, Jennifer is the only one who can access this information (great job security, Jen). Which means, I have to wait till Monday before I know the date and time . . . for the BIRTH OF MY CHILDREN. I was actually told this was okay since I wasn't scheduled until the end of next week (how very thoughtful of a complete stranger to tell ME how to feel).

I have a BPP scheduled today, then I meet with one of the doctors at the practice. I also plan to talk to someone about this 'Jennifer situation' (insert cat claws and appropriate sound effects).


Amanda said...

GO GIRL! Don't mess with a MAMA!!

Zoo Keeper said...

That's awful!!! May not be a big deal to them since it's their "business" but it's a big deal to you - FIRST TIME MOM!!!

Tell 'em to suck it! (a lemon, that is) I say yo're completely entitiled to pass around that they are awful so no other to-be moms in the area fall pery to them!!