Friday, June 19, 2009

Teppie & The Labor Movement

My girl Steph came to visit us last weekend. She introduced me to the Real Housewives of New Jersey (officially addicted).

Folks, it's true what people say about finding distractions in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The weekend flew by with her visiting, now I need to figure out what to do this weekend . . .

I'm officially ready for the Labor Movement to begin. The house is in order, the nursery is finished, the babies' clothing has been washed, and I even made Dave take me for a walk last night. Maybe we'll eat some Indian food this weekend. . . drink Castor oil . . . do some squats (halfway kidding). I'm grateful to be at 36 weeks and will gladly carry these babies for as long as they want to go.

I plan to quit seeing my ob/gyn clinic once the babies are born. They are pressuring me to schedule a delivery date for the babies sooner than 39 weeks. When I asked for a medical reason I was told scheduling was safer because the care would not be given under emergency circumstances (I'm pregnant, not ignorant).

Turns out the practice has approx. 75 women delivering in July and would like to schedule as many of them as possible (yes, the doctor actually told me this). That is NOT a medical reason but an administrative one.

Today I see Dr. Chicken Little, who no longer deserves the nickname. since I've made it past 34 weeks she's become very relaxed. We'll do a growth scan and check the health of the babies.

That's all for now.


Amanda said...

Omigod. They suck. Well, at least they are good at CSECTIONS!!

My midwife suggested finding "one of those awesome illegal midwives they have in North Carolina". :):)

Breathe deep!!


Zoo Keeper said...

what the hell is wrong with the medical community?!?!?!?!?

Has anyone reminded them it's all about the "patient", not them?!?!?