Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nursery Is Finished

We finally finished the nursery . . . well, for now anyway. I still have some decorative ideas for the room, but they can wait a few months. Here's what it looks like:

This is Wizard's crib. We opted for a corner changing table, not the most attractive, but my sister had one for my nephew and I loved it. You can face your baby while you change the diaper which is a big help when they get bigger and more mobile.

Here's Nugget's crib. Poor Nug, that dresser in the corner is filled with baby boy clothing right now. My mom washed every bit of baby clothing in the house and I finally sorted it last night. Turns out I have about two days worth of pajamas and onesies for Nug and about a weeks worth for Wiz. All my girlfriends had baby boys, so most of the hand-me-downs are for a boy. Looks like Nugget will be a tom-boy for a little while.


Zoo Keeper said...

That's awesome! But I will tell you - watch out for flying pee (from Wiz - appropriately, enough) during diaper changes!! My bro pulled that one on me when he was an infant.

Amanda said...

Beautiful! That's all you need. That room will be filled up with crap (I mean TOYS) soon enough. :) LUCKY BABIES!!