Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Made It!

I'm officially full term today! I've made it to 37 weeks. The world's LONGEST 37 weeks known to man. Some people think I've made it this far because I'm tall and have the room to carry these babies comfortably (personally, I think this is a disservice to short people).

So, I've decided to attribute my success to a life of leisure and constant pampering by my sweet husband and in the last few weeks by my mother (yes ladies, you now have full permission to insist on papering and leisure living . . . you're very welcome).

Now that I'm full term, I'm officially ready for these babies to make their grand debut (okay, I've been ready for a few weeks). But, before I start trying to naturally induce labor I'm going to see the new Transformers movie (it's all about priorities)!!

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Zoo Keeper said...

In grad school the wife of a classmate was pregnant with their second kid. She was the same as you - wanting that baby out! So one day I came across info that said having sex helps naturally induce labor. I called her to tell her. No one answered. I figured she was outside with her other kid. I waited 15 minutes and called again. Still no answer. So I called back to leave a message (b/c I didn't the second time I called).

She finally called me back and I was explaining to her about the info I found. I was so proud of myself!! She told me "duh! why do you think I wasn't answering the phone!! We were trying it!"


needless to say it didn't work - but I'm always for giving things like that a shot! : )