Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Morning, Happy Babies!

Our biggest change this week involved moving the babies into the nursery at night. Plus, their bed times are getting earlier. Both babies are usually bathed, fed and in bed by 6:30p (Daddy doesn't get home till 6p so guess whose been rockin' the bedtime routine all on her own).

Night time feedings are still about the same. At least one of them is up around 2a or 3a, then another around 5a. Already we are seeing improvements in their quality of sleep (and ours). They seem to enjoy sleeping in their own cribs (Mirabelle sleep cries sometimes, could it be she misses kicking her brother at night?).

Here's some pictures of the babies this morning when they woke up:


Amanda said...

That is tricky...waiting out a minute or two of a sleep cry to see if its just a dream, or the real thing.

Congrats on the big move!!!

What weekend day is good for me to come kiss on some cheeks?!?

WanderingGirl said...

I think Belle is highly suspicious of the pacifier. It seems to be slowly trying to escape, but she's onto it.