Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Early Mother's Day!

I've been wanting a beach cruiser bike for Mother's Day, so yesterday Dave suggested we go ahead and get my present a week early (who am I to argue with this brilliant logic?).  I've had my eye on Huffy's Cranbrook beach cruiser bike for a few weeks.

Of course, what's the point in getting a bike if you can't take your babies with you?  Which meant we also had to buy a bike trailer so I could cart the babies on all my wonderful adventures.  Ironically the bike trailer was more than the actual bike (by $2).

So last night under the soft glow of our fluoresce garage lights, Dave and I assembled the bike trailer (clarify: Dave assembled, Emily read instructions and every possible safety warning).  Then this morning, like a giddy little school girl (because really folks, that was about the last time I owned a bike) I packed the babies into their seat buckles, threw in some bottles and headed for the open road.  We covered a few miles until Finn got bored and screamed in protest (on principle, I'm sure).

The last five minutes of the bike ride were a mixture of quiet early morning breeze and chirping birds along with the piercing echos of Finn's cries for freedom ricocheting off everyone's front porch.  It was about 8:30a, time for folks to wake up anyway.

Last night Dave asked if I wanted to return the bike trailer . . .
 and find one that matched my bike  . . . some people are real comedians.

Despite their looks of mild boredom, 
my money in on them begging for more rides in the future.


debbie phillips said...

It took my babies a couple of adventures in the jogging stroller to get used to that, too. They also protested loudly.

Zoo Keeper said...

I LOVE seeing these listtle trailer-things down at the ourt lake park. Except 4 out of 5 times when I peek in there's a dog instead of children... (usually an old one that can't really take a good walk anymore.) I say good for them for getting their kids, whatever kind they have, outside!!