Monday, May 10, 2010

The Miracle Worker

This past Friday we made an appointment with Katie Matthews to do a mini photo session for the babies' 9-month birthday (which technically was their 10 month birthday).  To date we've done a newborn, 3-month, and 6-month session with Katie so she's practically a member of the family by this point (does this mean we should invite her to Sunday dinner?).

Here's a walk down memory lane:


3 months

6 months

For the 9-month session we met at a local garden called the Arboretum.  I provided two snotty nosed children with large blank stares and Katie transformed them into actual adorable pieces of art.

Thank you Katie for being a part of our first year as a family and capturing the growing weeds that are my children.  I'm looking forward to our final one-year-old session, at which point I will then begin plastering the walls of our house with questionably large prints of all the photos you've taken (future house guests--you've been warned).

Here are some of my current favorites, of course they're all so yummy (then again I'm terribly bias about the subject matter . . . would it be bad of me to go wake them up right now and give each one a thousand kisses . . . I'm jokingly serious I could kiss each one a thousand times).


debbie phillips said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Dexter said...

Really nice pictures Emily!