Monday, May 24, 2010

I Heart The Mall

For some bizarre reason the babies slept until 10a this morning (this is NOT a complaint).  So we changed up our normal routine and did some power errands after breakfast.  Somehow we ended up at the mall . . .

I implemented the 'Lily Method' for our marathon errands (skip nap, opt for super fun exhaustion techniques).   We spent 15 minutes of free time at the children's play area inside the mall.  It was our first time.  They loved it.  At least I think they loved it; Finn managed to crawl his way out into the mall at some point.

Here's some fun photos from our play time:

Lady Belle riding Her Royal Tortoise (yes, it's actually called that . . . okay no, not really.  Though it would be a fabulous name).

Finn looking dazed and confused (aka the Donovan stare) in a big red car.

Mirabelle is actually stuck but I was having too much fun taking pictures to rescue her at the time (yes, I know, starting early with her list of 'Things My Mother Did To Scar My Childhood').

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