Monday, May 3, 2010

Our First Yard Sale

We participated in a community wide yard sale this weekend.  It was our first, so we called in the cavalry (my folks and Aunt Quinn) to give us a helping hand.

I highly recommend hiring my Dad to organize and advertise your next yard sale.  If he can charm a 70 year old woman into believing she may one day still need baby clothes, he can sell your most worthless junk.  We sold a good bit of baby clothes, newborn toys and whatever else Dave could find in the garage.  Oma-ma spent the morning watching the twins.  It seems I'm easily replaceable, they cried for her every time she left the room . . . mind you, I was still in it.

Quinn and I spent the night before baking 48 cupcakes, 24 cookies and 12 brownies to sell in case no one wanted our crap.  It seemed like a clever idea at the time and most of the other neighbors participating in the community yard sale agreed.  However, no one bought my baked-with-REAL-love, fictitiously fat-free treats.

Apparently our target audience of professional yard sale shoppers are mostly diabetic, or so they said.  Our major setback was a decided lack of adorable 3 - 7 year old children to work the bake sale with earnest looking puppy dog eyes and muddled speech patterns--just two more years and I will be QUEEN of the bake sale table (insert evil laugh).

All in all we had a great time and Dave let me pocket the profits!  Truly, the best part of the entire experience was meeting our neighbors.  In fact, one of our neighbors is expecting twins this fall!  I'll try my best not to stalk her house on my daily bike rides through the neighborhood . . .

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