Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things We Love

Here's a brief list of things the babies love right now:

  • sitting on the front porch after bath time.
  • seeing Daddy wear his white t-shirt EVERY evening (he must do it so they can recognize him better).
  • crawling back and forth on the couch (super love it when they don't fall).
  • going for bike rides as a family (since Daddy bought himself a bike for Mother's Day).
  • throwing all stuffed animals, blankets, bottles, toys out of the crib.
  • staying in a constant state of motion during diaper changes.
  • yelping any time, any where, any volume (usually in unison).
  • playing chase with Lavender.
  • eating goldfish (the snack crackers, what kind of home do you think this is?).
  • loving on Mommy (because she's the BEST).

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