Friday, May 14, 2010

Splish Splash I Gave My Dogs A Bath!

I'm utterly embarrassed to admit, I can't remember the last time we gave the dogs a bath.  Since July 2009 they've been so thoroughly neglected I'm almost positive Lavender spends 95% of the two hours she's awake every day fantasizing about life in some other home with some other loving, attentive owner (the other 5% is devoted to all aspects of food).

So, yesterday I finally did it!  I packed the dogs and the babies in the car and drove to a local self-service dog washing center.  The place is called Splish Splash Dog Wash and the owners are absolutely phenomenal.  Here is why:

After watching me unload two babies from the car then proceed to wrangle two very excited dogs from the back of the car, the owner came rushing outside to offer a helping hand.  She then told me she'd gladly wash both of them for me and still charge me the self-service rate (bless you, sweet dog-loving Angel).

I let her wash Lavender while I attempted to wash Bailey.  This worked for about 10 minutes until Finn decided he was done playing spectator from the stroller and turned his attention to Mirabelle's hair.  Somehow I managed to get Bailey washed and save the few precious hairs on Lady Belle's head.  However, I did let the owners finish blow drying both dogs while I entertained the babies.

Folks, it's quite possible I've told you about this place before; if so, it bares repeating.  I love, love, love this place.  They have rows of professional wash tubs stocked full of every supply you need to give your dog a loving bath.  Plus, the owners give tips and helpful suggestions on the best way to wash your dog (don't laugh, there's ear cleaning, face cleaning, bottom cleaning . . . it's not all that intuitive).  After the wash you walk your dog to the drying station, which is a raised platform with a professional grade blow dryer and several brushes.

If you are an animal owner of the furry kind, then you know about pet hair and dander.  The stuff gets everywhere, especially during bath time.  Here's my favorite part of Splish Splash:  you don't clean up after yourself.  We left enough dog hair to knit a small afghan and none of it is clogging my drain or blowing along the fence in the backyard.

It's safe to say we will be doing this again.  It's also safe to say I will most likely let the owners wash and dry both dogs for me until the babies are able to enjoy the fun of it all independently.

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Zoo Keeper said...

Been a fan of places likse this for YEARS! I first went to one in CO. Where I live now it's called "K9 Wash 'N Go". Same deal - prof. bathing tubs (hi and low!!) and provide all the stuff you need. The owner LOVES my old Golden and gives him special attention... much to the chargrin of Nikki....

Very considerate of them to give you hand since you had your hands full!