Monday, May 10, 2010

M Day^2

It's true what they say (Amanda) 'Mother's Day is WAY better than any birthday.'  At the risk of bragging (because I know that's what you're thinking . . . no worries, your cynical side can't help it), let's just say Dave created the perfect 7 day extravaganza fit for a new mother of twins who spent the better part of four years trying to become one.

It all started last Sunday with the purchase of my new Babymobile (aka beach bike and baby trailer).  Folks, we went five for five last week.  Five morning bike rides plus some early evening jaunts to the end of the road where we waited for Daddy to come home from work (very similar to one sweet cocker spaniel I may or may not have known growing up).

Saturday we took the babies to the Riverfront Farmers' Market for some more tomato plants because she-who-shall-not-be-named trampled on 8 of the 13 Dave planted (we'll not focus on the fact my sweet husband wanted 13 tomato plants for our VEGETABLE garden).  Then we stopped by my new favorite cupcake shop Hot Pink Cake Stand.  Folks, the Reese's cupcake is worth a visit (trust me).  After the farmers' market we headed back home to catch our neighborhood spring festival (mainly for the free food and beer), followed by a late afternoon trip to the pool.  The day was perfect.

Sunday, I was greeted by two very happy babies and not one but three Mother's Day cards:  one from Dave, one from Finn & Belle, and one from Lavender & Bailey (Lavender & Bailey just wanted me to know they still loved me even though I don't spend enough time with them . . . very sweet).  Dave made strawberry crepes with pomegranate mimosas for breakfast.

After the babies' morning nap, we headed to Airlie Gardens for a picnic in the park.  For those of you unfamiliar with Airlie, it's similar to Brookgreen Gardens but much, much smaller.  I got to play with my camera and enjoy a beautiful day with my favorite people.

On the way home we stopped at a local playground to further exhaust the babies (worked like a charm).  Then Dave said the sweetest 16 words in the entire English language: 'Why don't you let me put the babies down for the night and you go shopping.'

Yesterday was complete perfection.  Here's a pictorial highlight of my very first Mother's Day:

Finn is happier with the spoon than the food on it.

My first Mother's Day, neither baby wanted to sit still for a picture, 
this was the best we could do . . . and it just might be perfect. 

Mirabelle just can't help being silly . . . runs in the family. 

Fun in the tunnel at the playground.

Hey, Handsome!

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Zoo Keeper said...

You sounded like you had so much fun that it almost made me want to have my own kids!! No really - I just liked what Dave did for you... can he call my husband and drop him some hints???

(funny - my wrod verificationis "omyth"... I guess that's a not-so-subtle way the universe is telling me: Your husband getting up early, making you breakfast with mimosas is a MYTH!!)