Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Phoenix is in transit

We got a call this morning from Freedom Fertility Pharmacies (love the name). Apparently they are a large mail-order pharmacy specializing in fertility medications. Our clinic uses them and called in our IVF medication.

The lady on the phone was very nice and patient (I was somewhat asleep when she called). She wanted to schedule a delivery day and time for our medication. Delivery requires a signature and some of the medication needs to be refrigerated immediately.

We had to make the medication payment over the phone, grand total was $2165.03 (we had estimated $3K). We were also given an expected delivery time of anywhere between 8am - 2pm (I got confused for a second, thought I was talking to the cable company) .

On Friday we'll make our big $11K payment to the clinic for the IVF procedure. I thought these payments would depress me; but apparently they've triggered my spending gland. I'm now in the mood to go spend more money (I want decorative pillows for my couches, a handheld vacuum cleaner, IKEA bookcases, new fall sweaters and long sleeve t-shirts, new floor lamps. . . ).

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Amanda said...

You're nesting already!!
Get that home in shape! :)