Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hunt Begins

I'm ready to find a nanny/babysitter to come to the house a few hours a week. Mainly to give me a chance to do get chores done, run errands or help play/hold/feed a baby. I've been putting feelers out among my new mommy friends.

Someone recommended I contact UNCW and ask for their babysitters list. I called, waited, called again, waited again, etc. Finally someone sent the list to me . . . and warned they were in the process of updating the list. Turns out the list is over 3 years old (thank you UNCW for the completely useless excel file).

I'm now roaming Craig's List. I've been emailing what seems to be a promising soul. All that is left is a quick check of references and a short interview. If things work out, I'll have someone a day or two out of the week to help with the babies.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Zoo Keeper said...

I think I can hear your sigh of relief all the way up here!! ; )

Trish said...

Background checks!!! I can't recommend them enough. there's also another good website which my nanny-friends use. www.sittercity.com. They'll do the background checks for you!
Good luck! I found my nanny through recommendations.