Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rollin' With Ma Homies

Finn & Mirabelle started rolling over from tummy to back this week! Finn rolled over Sunday (four times in a row) and Mirabelle twice today. I caught it all on tape (like a good 21st century mommy).

So here's another video, this time edited to 45 seconds for your viewing pleasure (I was told, rather politely by hubby, the last video was too long).

Since I took the trouble to edit this one be sure to turn your volume up and enjoy the soundtrack.



Lily said...

just laughed so i hard i peed. max & ollie arent even close!!! ps. the music is BRILLIANT.

Ntvillacampa said...


Miss you!!!


Zoo Keeper said...

That's the best!! I love the editing too! (not sure what was better, the rolling or the editing!) And I love the name of your production company...

Amanda said...


So advanced already.

Anonymous said...