Thursday, September 24, 2009

'You Really Need The BOB!'

Well folks, today was an adventure. Me and my albino kids tried to hang out on the beach with another twin mom. This would be the first attempt at beach bumming without the aid of three grown adults.

We made it to the beach. My babies hung out for a bit, then got really fussy and overheated. Hers slept like angels inside their stroller. My friend had the Cadillac of strollers: The BOB (it can virtually climb mountains).

The BOB is about the price of a Cadillac and requires a special trailer hitch to transport in your car (not really, but it's pretty darn big). It could fit into the back of our car, I'd just have to strap the babies to the roof.

All jesting aside, this stroller is extremely useful and perfect for morning walks (or an ambitious jog), bumpy downtown streets (the wheels have shock absorbers) and of course, the beach. I'm smitten with the beach option.

Yes folks, I have stroller envy! Here's a picture of my friend with her adorable babies and the BOB.

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WanderingGirl said...

OMG! I have a friend that just got a BOB and raves about it! She has one baby and doesn't know how she ever got along without it... especially at the beach. She'd tell you to run, not walk to the store to get one.