Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Apparently every few years some new developmental toy becomes the parenting essential, like the play yards, exersaucers, etc. Right now it is the 'Bumbo' (clearly named after Dumbo . . . just not sure why).

These foam seats help babies develop their neck and core muscles to aid in sitting upright. Of course this is possibly the 'mommy-feel-good' explanation for nothing more than a ridiculously overpriced foam nanny (plop a baby in the seat and mommy can do her nails in peace).

We're giving one a test drive at the moment. The twins are too small to spend a great deal of time in the seat. At the moment, they seem to like the view and different perspective (ceiling fans get boring to stare at all day).

If we like this contraption, we just might buy two (going to a twin thrift sale on Friday). Here are the babies testing the Bumbo for the first time:

Lady Belle looks ready for her mani/pedi

Finntastic's just chillin' ready for his 'cold one'

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