Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 Weeks Update

We're getting closer to that 'magical' three month mark (please do not disappoint). The days are getting somewhat easier. The babies don't need to eat ALL the time. In fact, they enjoy a good bit of independent play on the floor or play mat.

You can also officially consider me a bad parent. Mirabelle enjoys watching Oprah during her late afternoon feeding and I just can't bring myself to reprimand her (cause Mommy likes Oprah too).

Night sleep is still the same. However, we are noticing a push to start the bedtime routine around 6p instead of 7p. Finn has been sleeping a lot better since we added the dreaded rice cereal to his special baby brew. He also seems able to digest it (a concern for infants younger than 4 months).

I've been taking the twins to the park in the mornings. We go walking with a group of moms I met a few weeks ago. These ladies are awesome. They take turns pushing the 'semi' for an extra workout. Finn usually starts crying halfway through the walk and needs to be held. Today I was smart enough to bring a baby carrier and he continued (happily) in that.

Mirabelle is roughly 12 lbs. (forgot to weigh her tonight . . . daddy's fault . . . he was in charge of bath time so all is forgiven). She likes staring at herself in the mirror and conducted her first Skype session today with her 'Aunt Shannon'.

Finn is roughly 11 lbs. 3 oz. He is the master at tummy time and enjoys pushing himself across the floor with his feet (do the invisible fence collars work on children . . . I have a feeling he might need one soon). He LOVES to talk, and for some strange reason thinks the vowel 'a' sound is hilarious.


Zoo Keeper said...

Is that Mirabelle watching Oprah?? I love O too - so next time I'm in town I'll sit for you!! ; )

Amanda said...

those definitely look like chunky 3 month olds already...gone are your tiny newborns!!