Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Takes A Village To Cloth One Child

Folks, if it weren't for the generosity of family and friends, Lady Belle and Finntastic would be naked in every baby photo to date (and probably foster cared if we ever developed these hypothetical photos at Wal-mart).

We are currently transitioning from 0-3 month summer wear into 3-6 month fall clothing. This is no easy task with infant twins of separate genders. Right now the nursery is stuffed with diaper boxes full of boy/girl baby clothes from newborn to 24 months.

I've managed to hang and fold the majority of Finn's clothing. Mirabelle, however doesn't have much to hang or fold (is the universe only producing boys right now?). Over the weekend we did some consignment shopping at Once Upon A Child and got her a week's worth of clothing for about $50.

Valuable Mommy Tip: Since babies tend to grown like weeds in the first year a friend suggested I only spend money on baby separates like pants, dresses, shirts, etc. This way if they grow too tall or fat in certain areas I can still get mileage out of some items. It pays to hang out with people who've already done this child rearing thing before.


Lily said...

might make a trek over to once upon a child today. i'll look out for some fall things for lady belle :)

Zoo Keeper said...

how adorable!!