Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who Wore It Better?

Just a few short months ago going to the salon for a haircut seemed like a chore. Now, post-babies, it becomes the highlight of my week, that-which-I-obsess-for-days-over, even call-my-parents-to-make-a-two-hour-drive-down-to-babysit event.

See certain little chubby (but oh-so-sweet) fingers continue to blindly grab at my tender locks. I finally caved and did what every new mother does: I opted for a short, low maintenance cut (not sure if I got that . . . should find out tomorrow morning).

Needless to say, upon coming home I decided to document my 'new do' via web cam (because ones hair never looks the same after that first day of styling by the professionals). It was then I realized I'd seen this hair style before. Sure enough, I looked strikingly similar to one of last year's American Idol contestants (who just happened to be an overtly gay 18 year-old BOY).

You be the judge:

PS: My husband wanted me to A) post an uglier photo of Danny or B) post a more flattering picture of myself (he must not want the world to think some 18 year old boy looks prettier than his wife). Just for you, sweetheart.


Amanda said...

no rock it.

Zoo Keeper said...

It looks great!! And let's face it - some overtly gay guys just look great no matter what...

Although no kiddies of my own you know I love the "fastest way possible to do my hair". Of course I have no fashion sense so I can get away with more - like the long bob that is contantly in a ponytail (much to the chagrin of my stylist...)